Change management

Change preparationChange assistanceChange evaluation

Change preparation

Preparation step amis to identify all internal and external factors which can be involved in change process. It corresponds to an audit and global environment analysis

This phase contains the following actions:

  • needs understanding and reluctance points identification
  • methodology definition and tools selection
  • anticipation, prophylactic actions against reluctance and risk management
  • actors awareness-raising activities and communication for change adoption

involvement and participation of all actors is a key factor for success on change approach

Change assistance

Change assistance intends to be the operational management of a change process.

This step relies on the following actions:

  • communication plan
  • migration steps management
  • training and coaching session management for influence and opinion drivers
  • incentive programs for any involved actors categories

Change evaluation

Aside from management, performance monitoring remains a central axis to determine impacts and a posteriori acceptance of the change approach.

Metrics and polls are applied tools to accomplish this phase.