Samba LVS Requirements


Hardware needs

The current architecture needs ideally four machines in order to implement an LVS director, at least two real servers and a client for testing the query repartition.

Samba LVS architecture

In this scheme, the front-end machine will be called director, as commonly used in LVS description. The real servers are configured in a mirror way, they offer a strictly identical service, in our study case a Samba PDC configuration.

The previous picture describes the global network architecture as well as the names and addresses in use for each computer.

Software configuration

Here is a list of all software we need to see to deploy such an architecture. They will be shown respectively to the methodology we will apply in this document.

  • Samba
  • LDAP
  • Iptables
  • Routing
  • IPVS / ipvsadm
  • DNS